This team is broken. What can we do to brings us together?

It would be great to standardise our approach to leadership.

How can I set my new team up for success?

Our grads need help managing upwards.

Build interpersonal skills for leaders and teams.

Your Training Needs

You might require leadership training for high-potentials, or you might have a newly-formed team tasked with critical outcomes that could benefit from understanding the relational and task drivers that enable groups to flourish. I can help with bespoke workshops and follow-up coaching to increase skills transfer to the job (Olivero, Bane, & Kopelman, 1997).

Co-created Workshops

To be effective, let’s work together to design sessions that meet your specific needs. Please get in touch to discuss.

The Strengths team workshop was a great exercise for us. Everyone got something out of it and with trying to manage a remote team – including two new members who joined during lockdown – it’s been invaluable. This is the exact sort of thing we needed to do right now. Teresa is so good!