I am sick of the daily grind!

I know what I want to do, but I’m afraid.

How can I follow my passion?

I AM so unmotivated, where to next?

Reset your compass for a work life well-lived.

Your Challenges

Issues may be in relation to negotiating some form of change in your life that’s made you take a long, hard look at where you are and where you’re heading. That trigger may have been something in your personal life (for example, relationships, health, a life-stage transition), or it may be something at work (restructure, redundancy, retirement). Regardless, it’s got you thinking about the significance of your life and what a roadmap to a purpose-driven work life might look like.

Our Coaching Conversations

We will seek clarity on the options you may be contemplating, or you may be drawing a blank on ‘where to next’. Together, we’ll take time to understand your journey to date, your relationships, your values and your strengths. There are many research-based positive-psychology interventions available to support you during your search for purpose, to build motivation, well-being, positive thinking, helpful emotions, and engagement.

My business was ticking along, but I‘d lost my mojo. Coaching enabled me to reconnect with my original strategic intent of helping people. Rekindling my purpose has clarified everything and given me a way of being able to evaluate decisions in service of my clients. Working with Teresa has exceeded my expectations of coaching. I am so motivated.
I’d been a closet yogi my entire professional life and struggled to find a way to transition from my corporate career to a life where I could live my true values. Working with Teresa helped me break down this huge scary dilemma into manageable goals. I feel alive again.
Teresa took me through a guided coaching process to uncover the major themes that have emerged through my life and gave me insight into my purpose. She is an empathetic and encouraging listener who poses insightful questions which helped me understand more about myself and has fuelled my conviction towards my current career path.

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