I want that promotion

I need things to be perfect

I have a new role and I’m out of my depth

I am burnt out!

Attain and sustain peak performance at work.

Your Challenges

Issues may be in relation to your existing role, or a promotion, or an entirely new position. You may be experiencing a range of emotions … anxiety, frustration, confusion, excitement. You may be feeling stressed, burnt out, or perhaps this challenge has you energised and raring to go. You may be acting on feedback provided by others about your performance, or you may be seeking self-improvement based on a performance goal you have set for yourself.

Our Coaching Conversations

We will seek clarity on what’s happening that’s within your control. For example, the type of goals you set, your thinking patterns, activities to restore and protect your energy levels, positive emotions and well-being, mindfulness to reduce reactivity, strengths you can harness, strategies to build self-efficacy, mental toughness and grit. We’ll also seek to understand what’s happening that is outside your control, in the broader complex adaptive system in which you work and live. For example, available resources to bolster resilience.

After a long and successful public sector career, I found myself in unfamiliar territory when I was tapped on the shoulder to interview for a senior leadership role. My sessions with Teresa enabled me to reflect on the value I could bring to the role and how to best communicate my offering. By reflecting on my strengths, I gained self-confidence in my ability to engage meaningfully with the interview panel.
Instead of being excited about my promotion, I felt unworthy and anxious. Teresa helped me to challenge my unhelpful thinking and to reach out for help. I’m much kinder to myself now and am achieving goals I didn’t think possible. I feel like I’m doing a good job and I’m even thinking about what I need to do to get ready for my next step.
I was obsessed with doing things to perfection. I fell into a cycle of procrastination and self-doubt. What helped me was to reframe my goals as learning opportunities instead of worrying about the outcome. Teresa challenged my negative thinking and encouraged self-compassion. I became happier and my grades improved. Best of all I know what to do the next time I fall into this trap.

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