How can I be a more effective leader?

I DON’T trust my co-worker!

WE have high staff turnover.

It’s a new team, I want it to be a success.

Resolve an interpersonal challenge impacting your work.

Your Challenges

Issues may be in relation to a member of your team, a co-worker, your manager, or even an external stakeholder. You may be seeking to remedy an existing issue, or you may be looking for ways to help set yourself up for success, before potential difficulties arise. You may be acting on feedback provided by others about your interpersonal skills, or you may be seeking self-improvement based on an interpersonal goal you have set for yourself.

Our Coaching Conversations

We will seek clarity on your relationships at the macro level through a broad systemic lens, and at the micro level, through the ways in which you interact with others, including your perspective-taking capacity. Depending on your goals, we might be informed by leadership theories and dip into evidence-based guidance on teamwork. We may sometimes focus on specific issues such as trust, psychological safety, emotional intelligence or forgiveness. People-related coaching can be draining, so we will often draw upon positive psychology interventions to support you as you work to achieve your goals.

Adapting to a leadership role in the public service, after a consulting career, was proving difficult and confusing. Teresa helped me gain clarity about the challenges I faced. Coaching provided me with a safe place to brainstorm ideas and the confidence to try them out, at a time when I was feeling pretty isolated.
Teresa greatly assisted me with a very complicated project. After nine months of cancelled events and no income, she helped me identify practical ways to unblock difficult interpersonal obstacles. And to recognise and celebrate some enormous personal and professional successes. Thank you!
After extended conflict with another member of the senior leadership team, I was ready to leave. Instead, coaching helped me to reflect on the dynamics of our difficult relationship, find ways to get perspective, and use my strengths to build bridges. It’s been great for both of us as well as our team members.

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