Teresa Curman

My approach

Coaching is collaborative and goal-focused. You will be empowered to determine your objectives and actions. I will encourage insight and scaffold your success.

My broad corporate experience means I get what you’re talking about.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in senior national, regional and global business development roles. I have worked locally, inter-state and overseas and have experience within start-ups, mid-size businesses, and national and international organisations, including private, public and government entities.

I draw on a broad toolbox so your coaching experience will be unique and aligned to your needs.

  • Cognitive behavioural psychology provides insights into the relationship between thougths, emotions and behaviours, and how cognitions can be a lever for change.
  • Positive psychology practices, including the use of strengths and mindfulness, enable flourishing.
  • Leadership theories improve approaches to management and teamwork.
  • Sports research informs performance issues and addresses burnout.
  • Models of self-regulation drive self-efficacy, goal attainment and well-being.
  • Adult development theories scaffold perspective-taking.
  • Complex adaptive systems theory is helpful for understanding the web of interrelated life domains.
  • Active listening techniques build trust and encourage self-reflection.
  • ACT is a lens that helps acceptance and commitment to values-driven behavioural choices.
  • Mental health first aid ensures people with mental health issues are referred for support.

My strengths enable me to co-create a safe space for our conversations.

  • Strengths Finder top-five realised strengths: narrator, rapport builder, connector, catalyst, service.
  • VIA top-five: social intelligence, kindness, bravery, curiosity, and appreciation of beauty and excellence.
  • CliftonStrengths top-five: achiever, WOO (winning over others), activator, communication, and positivity.

My free 30-minute introductory session will determine if we’re a good fit.

Please contact me so we can explore what you are hoping to achieve through coaching and whether I’m the best person to support you (I am always happy to refer to other coaches or mental health professionals who may be better suited to meet your needs).

Sessions last between 45 and 90 minutes.

The frequency of sessions and the total number of sessions depends on the goals you are seeking to achieve. We will clarify this at the start of the engagement and formalise these details as part of your coaching agreement with me. You will also be asked to undertake between-session actions (that you set for yourself). Coaching requires work and commitment on your part to be successful.

Confidentiality is assured.

I abide by the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

My qualifications and memberships are your peace of mind.

  • Master of Science in Coaching Psychology – The University of Sydney
  • Master of Business Administration – AGSM, University of NSW
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communications) – Macquarie University
  • ICF Member (ACC accreditation pending)
  • Leadership Circle accredited practitioner
  • Strengths Profile accredited practitioner
  • Mental Health First Aid certified
  • USCMA member
Teresa has been one of our most popular coaches, providing a mix of mindset and career coaching for our clients since September 2020. Teresa consistently receives exceptional feedback from clients and coach practitioners alike for her warmth, deep expertise, and focus on seeing people thrive!